About Me

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About Me


I'm Rebecca and I'm honoured to be part of your journey to discover the magic of Cacao.


I am a qualified yoga teacher, exercise referral practitioner and I am head over heels in love with cacao!

I think i'm at my happiest when outdoors in nature. I feel at home in the woods, chasing sun risies and sunsets, swimming under the stars.


My introduction to cacao came about four years ago when I discovered The Cacao Club. I can't remember how this introduction came about, I just know that it fell into my life at exactly the right time. Being in a circle led by Jordan, sharing cacao, our stories and so much more was just what my heart needed and once I had experienced that gift - there was no going back.


After attending several ceremonies, I knew i needed to go deeper, so joined The Cacao Club 10 day Initiation Program which gave me the most exciting introduction to what would become an almost daily part of my life. Through meditation we embarked on the most magical journey with cacao. That was when I knew that there was no going back - Cacao had become part of me.

Several years later I was lucky enough to join The Mayan Wisdom Projects 3 month training program which is led by 100% indigenous teachers, spiritual leaders, history experts, nutritionists, cacao farmers and producers. This gave me such a profound insight into cacao ceremonies and the mayan culture - what a gift and a blessing.


I still have so much to learn and am constantly striving to go deeper on my cacao journey and discover all I can about this heart opening medicine.


I will pass on all I learn with love, gratitude and authenticity and most importantly with absolute respect for the communities who have known cacao for eternity.